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Mahali Mzuri

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Mahali Mzuri

I left my heart in Kenya

Alice from our London office has recently returned from a whirlwind trip to Mahali Mzuri to explore our luxury tented camp, meet the team and show some of our tour operators the magic of Kenya.

Mahali Mzuri

The latest word from Jon

Richard Branson recently visited Mahali Mzuri in Kenya and shared his reflections on a country whose natural beauty and diverse wildlife is too often overshadowed by news headlines.

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The Lodge – Sir Richard Branson’s Swiss Retreat…

The Archive

  • 2018 July
  • 19th July 2018

    It is said that a good mother is the essence of survival for any family and that a good mother will do whatever it takes to ensure the upkeep and the survival of her kids.

  • 2018 June
  • 22nd June 2018

    When you think of the Kenyan bush, lush green pastures doesn’t usually spring to mind but since the rainfall at the beginning of the year, the team have seen some of the tallest grass ever! Despite the high level of grass, the conservancy did not disappoint with some of the most spectacular sightings photographed by .

  • 2018 April
  • 27th April 2018

    Kenya is blooming this month! The so-called ‘green season’ takes place in the Mara reserve each March, June and November when there is more rainfall than usual, and the surrounding vegetation flourishes into a stunning shade of emerald green.

  • 2018 March
  • 8th March 2018

    With today being International Women’s Day, we wanted to mark it by celebrating the work Betty Ataitai does.