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Mont Rochelle

A Very Special Guest

Our team was delighted to welcome a very special guest to Mont Rochelle.

A little bird told us...

The Lodge – Sir Richard Branson’s Swiss Retreat…

The Archive

  • 2018 July
  • 2nd July 2018

    Nothing beats a bit of good news and so we were delighted to read the latest press release from the South African Tourism board this week which announced: Annual rains have arrived in Cape Town, bringing with them not only much needed rains, but renewed excitement and reinforcing the message “We’re open for business!”  Those of you who read .

  • 2018 May
  • 28th May 2018

    We’re excited to announce that our restaurant Miko has launched a series of live music evenings.

  • 2018 February
  • 16th February 2018

    February 17th is National Random Acts of Kindness Day which encourages acts of kindness all over the world.

    16th February 2018

    As you may be aware the Western Cape of South Africa is currently experiencing a drought, due to three years of lower than average rainfall.