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Pride 'n Purpose

Time Flies When You Are Having Fun!

Hi All, Can someone please tell me where January and February have gone!!! I cannot believe we are already in March – I suppose the saying is right when they say ”Time flies when you are having fun”.

Pride 'n Purpose

"Kick-Start" Fundraiser

Join us for a fun and challenging EnduroBike ride to raise money to fund a Solar power Project for the Newington Eco – Build Creche! Trev and Johannnnn (imagine the sound of the off-road motor bike trundling along – hence the nick name) are 2 Ulusaba Staff members that have come up with the idea .

Bush Telegraph, Ulusaba

Leopards & Lions of the Ulusaba Bush!

Yebo everyone, The past few weeks has yet again proven to us, how amazing the daily lives of our wonderful & most intriguing critters of the bush can be… The scoop on the Leopards front… It all happened one afternoon on game drive just as the sun is drawing the day to a close as .

Pride 'n Purpose

Eco-creche – A first in the area

The village of Newington lies a few kilometers west of the Ulusaba boundary and has a population of around 3500 people.

A little bird told us...

Pack your trunks, we’re going on a safari adventure! 🐘🐘🐘 🧳 #ulusaba…