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Ulusaba bush news: Virgin Staff Cycle

Our lovely General Assistant Robyn, has kicked  off an incredible journey cycling for Pride ‘n Purpose, our charitable arm.


Ulusaba bush news: Crossing the finish line

The cycle ended on Saturday on a fantastic high note! For the first time in a year, the Shimungwe pride of lions were lying up right on the fence line on the boundary! So we had to tweak the course a little, a few 100 meters before their location, the cyclists were told to disembark .


Ulusaba bush news: A day out with the kids

A few local primary school kids were invited to go on safari with our Guide team.


Ulusaba bush news: Thlangisa leopard

Check out the Thlangisa a female leopard who has two new cubs and they’re about 6 weeks old.

A little bird told us...

Pack your trunks, we’re going on a safari adventure! 🐘🐘🐘 🧳 #ulusaba…