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Princess Makwela

The passing of a legendary ambassador for the African Bush here at Ulusaba has struck our Ulusaba family dearly! Makwela, the superior female leopard who crept under our skins & touched the lives of our guests who viewed her in her natural world time and time again, has left us with so many pleasurable intriguing and .

Bush Telegraph, Ulusaba

Tribute to Makwela, Ulusaba's Legend

For all the years she created unforgettable adventures, and to all of us who treasured her existence her legacy will live forever…   A tribute to Princess Makwela It’s a short clip but her images speak a million memories!!! From the Ulusaba family…Goodbye Makwela!!!.

Pride 'n Purpose

Sanding on!

Hi there all, After a long wait for extra sand bags (which I might add did not appear), we decided to finish off the building using potato bags! Yes potato bags – as we like to say a lot around here – Make a Plan – and a plan we made! So after returning from my .

Pride 'n Purpose

Celebrating Arbor Month

Hi All, The Month of September in South Africa is Arbor month – and Ulusaba will be recognising this by planting, planting, planting….

A little bird told us...

Pack your trunks, we’re going on a safari adventure! 🐘🐘🐘 🧳 #ulusaba…