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Ulusaba bush news: The war of spots

Our plan for the morning was to head to the southern part to look for a male cheetah that had been seen there the day before.


Ulusaba bush news: Bird watching with our guests

Anyone who’s been on safari before knows that no two game drives are ever the same.


Ulusaba bush news: Guest photo diary

We’ve got another update of some incredible images from our guest Anthony who shared some of his favourite Ulusaba moments.


Ulusaba bush news: The leopard and the warthog

Xikavi and the Nyeleti male had been mating for a couple of days, so when I heard that they had been found lying in a thicket I didn’t hesitate to take my new guests to experience this rare sight.

A little bird told us...

Pack your trunks, we’re going on a safari adventure! 🐘🐘🐘 🧳 #ulusaba…