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Pride 'n Purpose

What a way to celebrate SPRING DAY!

Hi from a very hot and sunny South Africa! 1st September is the first day of spring in the southern hemisphere and boy has the weather let us know that winter is a thing of the past.

Pride 'n Purpose

A New Volunteer for Pride 'n Purpose

Hi All, Well, another chapter for Pride ‘n Purpose this September – we have a new volunteer! Anthony arrived (a day late – flight connection times was just too tight) rearing to go and full of excitement.

Pride 'n Purpose

Cleaning up!

September is Arbor month in South Africa – so why not keep with the greening theme and do a huge clean up sweep through Dumphries Village! So that is what we did today with the school kids of Mahlahuvana Primary School.

Pride 'n Purpose

Thinking of Christmas!

Pride ‘n Purpose is busy planning an unforgettable Christmas for the children of Mandla’s Crèche, Deyani Crèche and Jeremiah Crèche, in the villages surrounding Ulusaba.

A little bird told us...

Time to spa! With two spas to choose from at Ulusaba, a relaxing signature treatment 💆🏽‍♀️ is a must-do during your……