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Necker Island

British Virgin Islands

Our Values

On Necker Island, our service style means always being professional and honest, and constantly searching for new ways to improve our guest experience. Taking care of the environment is also high on our agenda. Necker Island is committed to sustainable development and respecting the local community and environment in which we operate.

Some of Necker's ambitions and initiatives include:

  • Recruiting, training and promoting local staff where possible
  • Experimenting with wind power to meet some of the island's energy needs
  • Encouraging the flamingo population on island to breed - something done in only a handful of places worldwide
  • Continually supporting the local community through Virgin Unite, the Virgin Group's entrepreneurial arm
  • Introducing health programmes such as Richard's 0% challenge, to fight the battle of HIV around the world

We know that some changes can be made immediately and others may take some time, however we believe these are some of the areas we can make our business both more sustainable and kinder to the environment.